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i'm your professional third wheel & hype girl

From the very first message, whether it be through Instagram or Facebook I am very personable. I believe in making friends and not just clients. This may be a business transaction to most but I love what I do and don't consider it a job. I want to make sure we are a perfect match from the start, and that we click! I am not your ordinary girl. I am loud and fun! I like to dance at your wedding and become part of your family. Every wedding I have ever shot I have been welcomed with open arms and warm embraces where; at the end of your coverage I am staying to party and celebrate your love that you and your newly husband/wife have for each other.

from every detail

I capture it all, even the moments you didn't know you were missing out on. I am the fly on the wall that sees everything and I have the eye to know what you'll want. You spend months planning this big wedding, and every detail that you picked out from the colors to the heels you are gonna wear walking down that isle. All of it is important and shouldn't miss out on. When you first book with me I ask what is important to you and what you can not miss having pictures of. Some say their dress or their bouquet. Others have things from loved ones that have passed away that they want to incorporate into their day some how. I make sure to get everything you want and more, and pictures you didn't even know you wanted. I will fluff your dress, push away and fly away and make sure you're teeth are clean too, of course

Your comfort and confidence is the upmost important thing to me during your wedding or your engagement session. I don't pose you, I give you prompts or say something funny so that it never feels forced. We are basically going on an adventure together during these sessions, sometimes we go into the water or lay on the ground. Other times you whisper your grocery list in the most sexiest voice into your partners ear. I believe not everyone likes taking pictures because I am that way too (that's why I am behind the camera lol). So I know how it feel to be surrounded by people walking and looking at you while there's a person taking your photo. I get you to ignore those people and focus on the person in front of you; your best friend, love and crime fighting partner. Nothing in the world matters in that moment but the two of you.

never a dull moment

When the day is over, you're back from your tropical honeymoon and it's been a year since your wedding day; you want to be able to relive that day. You want to remember the night that you spent so many nights staying up and planning and DIYing. All your hard work is showcased in those photos, and the memories are preserved forever so that if/when you have kids you can show them, or you can laugh about the time that your best man ripped his pants dancing the night away. But most of all; you want to remember how you felt when she walked down the isle wearing the most perfect dress, and how he stared crying when he saw when you got the end of the isle. It's how you feel years down the road when you remember this night.

memories that last a life time

let me tell your love story

let's grab a coffee or have a phone call to talk abut your love story. I will answer any questions you have about what I do on your wedding day (I do more than just take photographs) and how we can work together to capture the love you guys share. With our initial call I go over pricing, the day of and what happens after you get married. 

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