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Hey, I'm Grace

On your wedding day, you shouldn't have to worry, cause I am there to help you in every way possible. I make sure your dress is all nice and fluffed in every picture, that there is nothing in your teeth, I catch every fly away and I am there to be your hype girl. You've spent countless hours planning for this day to go right and I will do my best that it does. From the very first point of contact we have I am very personable and straight forward. I don't beat around the bush, I tell you like it is. Couples don't just come to me because I take good photos, it is because I am warm and welcoming and I always feel like part of the family on your big day! I give you tips and tricks to make sure that this day is always remembered for years and years to come.

California born, and raised I only recently moved to Southwest Florida in 2018. This was right after me and my husband got married in Southern California. After a brief stint in Florida, we bought a house in Lehigh Acres. This is where we currently live with our children; one Weimaraner and two cats. There’s no kids for us yet, but hopefully in the future we will be blessed with some!(: I love snowboarding. After we moved Florida; it’s been an adjustment, but my husband and I, feel we have fully adjusted to lifestyle here. Now we have the best of both worlds. A new outlook on the region, compared to photographers who lived here their whole lives here. In addition, to a very thorough knowledge of great locations for photo shoots. Since, we’ve been here long enough to know the area well. I also love to write short stories, just hang around the house with my best friend, and listen to all the rain Florida gets. Since, I truly love the rain. As stated before, my favorite type of shoots are when I’m photographing couples; who are wild, free, and in passionate love.

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raw and authentic love stories

i believe in your vision

more than anything

Remember this is your wedding. not your parents (even if they are paying for it), not your guest, not your grandmas. YOURS. So remember that when you are planning. Don't want a big wedding but want to elope instead? THAT'S OKAT TOO. I will loved to be considered as your wedding photographer, I DO travel you know, hahaha. But in all seriousness, plan YOUR wedding the way you want it.  I had a bounce house at my wedding. (:

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let's grab a coffee or have a phone call to talk abut your love story. I will answer any questions you have about what I do on your wedding day (I do more than just take photographs) and how we can work together to capture the love you guys share. With our initial call I go over pricing, the day of and what happens after you get married. 

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